Build your own tiny house

We are working away on our 15 episode series. The filming process is over and now we are knee deep in editing. The series will be ready fall of 2019. If you are interested in purchasing the series early, click below. This will do two things: get you the series at a reduced price and help fund the final push.



  1. Tools and Safety

  2. Design and Layout

  3. Trailers and Foundations

  4. Framing and Sheathing

  5. Doors and Windows

  6. Siding, Flashing, and Roofing

  7. Electricity and Solar

  8. Plumbing and Gas

  9. Insulation and Vapor barrier

  10. Drywall and Tongue & Groove

  11. Trim and Flooring

  12. Bathrooms

  13. Kitchens

  14. Custom Furniture 

  15. Wrapping things up